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Samantha Radocchia

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"Sam is a rare individual who has the unique ability to catalyze and inspire everyone around her.”



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One part tech speaker, one part cultural critic, and a touch of stand-up comic.

Emerging technology doesn’t need to be scary, boring, or both.

In fact, it can be fun.

I love to make things that are just a little hard to grasp relatable, actionable, and most of all, entertaining.

I have spoken for small groups and board members, entire divisions of Fortune 500 Companies, Trade Association and Technology Conferences, Banks, Non-Profits, NGOs, LPs and Portfolio Managers, National Governments, and the United Nations.

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Blockchain is the operating system for the future.

Embracing innovation with a growth mindset.

The business of trust: An evolution in consumer trust.

While I have a heaping handful of previously prepared talkes, Which I am more than happy to share with you, i thrive on working directly with you to understand your audience’s needs and to address new and novel ideas.

please read my blog to see what i’ve been Speaking, Writing, and thinking about and get in touch!



“Sam took the audience on a mesmerizing journey.”

- Maelen Haugen, Supply Chain, Cisco


I’ll see you at your next event.


“Samantha not only distills complex topics surrounding emerging technologies, but also makes sense of why they impact the lives of individuals and businesses alike.”

- Steven Mister, President and CEO, Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN)