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Bringing trust into global commerce and society

Founded in 2014 with mission of giving objects, devices, and sensors unique and trusted digital identities, Chronicled is an enterprise software company offering an end-to-end smart supply chain platform leveraging blockchain, IoT, and peer to peer messaging technology. 







Chronicled's Business is focused on running a Global Supply Chain focused Blockchain as a service, which provides:

  • Fast time-to-market 
  • Ease of use
  • Strong privacy guarantees
  • High throughput
  • Ready-to-deploy context-specific smart contracts




To bring trust to global commerce and society.


Chronicled leverages Internet of Things (IoT) microchips and sensors, and community-driven protocols and open standards to power a smart, secure supply chain


Better Kinds

Blockchain for Better

Better Kinds is reinventing the global social compact of responsible production and consumption.








Think of Better Kinds as the Better Business Bureau for the next generation of consumers and producers, a Decentralized Reporting Platform. We are using blockchain to democratize auditing and voluntary self reporting, gathering valuable data from factory workers, managers, owners, brands, retailers, and consumers.

The company offers a suite of tools used to measure and score a company or product’s social impact and sustainability performance, delivering a holistic overview that empowers consumers to make better choices and businesses to make meaningful improvements.

Ultimately, this allows:

  • consumers to better understand the lives behind their products and the impacts of their purchasing decisions, and to take action by supporting better products

  • brands to save time and money on auditing, get real time audit data to make real-time decisions, while differentiating themselves and adding brand value, growing trust with their consumers, and working with quality suppliers

  • suppliers to amplify their recognition for better business practices, increase employee retention, save time and money from audits, and be rewarded with new business and incentives






Better Kinds began with the mission to combat climate change, environmental waste, and the exploitation of people and natural resources stemming from manufacturing industries.


Better Kinds fosters everyday practices of conscious consumption and responsible production by empowering people to make better micro decisions that lead to better macro results.



Machine Elf Consulting

Machine Elf Consulting is a new breed of business advisement and consultancy services catering specifically to blockchain, IoT, and emerging technologies companies, investors, and analysts.








The Machine Elf equips enterprises and individuals alike with the background, knowledge, and guidance necessary to succeed in ever-evolving technology ecosystems. Core competencies include:

  • Blockchain
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICO)
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Systems Architecture
  • Software Engineering
  • Product Development 
  • Thought Leadership





The world is changing. Emerging technologies are propelling us forward at an accelerating rate. We help you get ahead of the curve.


Our interdisciplinary approach synthesizes traditional managerial, financial, and legal guidance with innovative strategies.