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100x Blockchain Investors Summit

Discussing blockchain and supply chain management.



Bold TV Interview

Interview: "Not just a currency--Using Blockchain Tech for Fine Art, Pharmaceutical Drugs, and more."



MIT Media Lab EXO Day 2017

Productization for Media Lab Projects


Blockchain for Better.

 "I’ve always been fascinated with technology and its impact on or interface with society and culture. Blockchain, or any emerging technology for that matter, isn’t a matter of if, but when. It’s an inevitability. So, with that in mind, it’s extremely important for businesses, leaders, and individuals to recognize the inevitability of technological advancement and harness the power that comes from change for the betterment of society. 

Blockchain’s proposition to the world is that of decentralized trust. That’s a big idea. When, in the history of humanity, have we been able to execute this proposition? Sure, perhaps in villages, but on a global scale? So let’s imagine a connected global village—networked, rather—operating concurrently on a blockchain system of global trust. For this to happen, this networked trusting village, we must totally rethink our current economic systems, socio-political structures, norms, and mores. That sort of disruption, or shall we say metamorphosis, is not only logistically complicated but also downright threatening to existing structures and systems. So what does that mean for blockchain technology?

The present is ready to embrace a blockchain-based system of decentralized trust, interoperability, and immutability. The question is, will we utilize the technology to replicate existing systems and structures (i.e. private cloud databases except replace database with blockchain)? Or, will we take a look at this technology, recognize what makes it different, unique, and powerful and then leverage those unique features to architect a truly innovative world? Personally, I am working towards the latter and here’s how:

Nowhere do we see the positive impacts of blockchain more than in global supply chains. With blockchain, we can eliminate counterfeit drugs that are killing the recipients—often disadvantaged folks in underdeveloped countries. With blockchain, we can eliminate conflict minerals and blood diamonds. With blockchain, we can reduce food waste and spoilage. With blockchain, we can hold each other to the highest standards of humanity and ensure that our supply chains are transparent, ethical, humane, and sustainable. 

I want to see blockchain used for the better, not just for profit."

- Sam Radocchia

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